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There is a thread on Facebook with about 80 posts with experiences on my facebook page. You might have to ask to be a friend to read it maybe? 'John Beachcomber'


The friend that first gave me the information is being visited by representatives from Mercadona this afternoon. Her vet has told her that urine tests will not reveal the problem being caused and only a blood test will do that, John.


This is disgusting and outrageous that Mercadona still have the front to continue selling this product. I am posting links to this on facebook and suggest people do the same on other local forums etc. so as many people as possible are aware.  :head


As COMPY is Mercadona´s own brand perhaps IF Chris Johnson still appears unavailable concerned folk should use this site to email them instead about this particular product..  



I have been feeding my German Shepherd this carton Dog Food and she started drinking and peeing a lot and has now had two fits which I strongly believe is the result of eating this food.  She has had a wee test with nothing much to report but today I am taking her for a blood test as I am very concerned about her kidneys.



I have just called Chris Johnson's number and spoken to a lady who appeared to not know about this. However she has taken all the details that I could give that there were dozens of cases in the area and that she could confirm what I was saying by asking any vet in the area or looking at this forum. A few more calls may do some good.


maybe an idear for people to go to the mercadonna who pets have been ill if there was a few people gathering together there at the same time then possible someone would come and speak to you all and gather your information i do hope all your pets are better soon

Dog Lady

Thanks Jessica H and others please see my post earlier on General Chatter In view of the fact that we could not get to speak to Chris suggests that he is now not taking calls



I have just spoken with Chris Johnson who wants to hear from any of you PERSONALLY whose dogs have been experiencing medical problems since being fed Trozos en Salsa in the new brick form.

I asked if he had an email address through which you could contact him but apparently not. 

At the moment they are only collating the evidence during which time this product will remain on sale so IF it the cause of illness in pets it will only cause more distress.

During our conversation it was clear he was aware of a possible problem but it came as quite a shock to him when I ( Jo public) phoned because he wasn´t aware that anyone had his number !!! 
SO phone him folks NOW before his number is changed !!!!

Dog Lady

Mods Could I suggest that you move this topic from Other Chatter to General Chatter as it probably affects many people who may not necessarily have the time to search all categories of topics

We have many rescue dogs and have been affected by the problem We have attempted to speak to Chris Johnson at Mercadona HQ this morning Eventually we were able to speak to a Customer Services assistant who spoke fluent English who was obviously not aware of the situation but took full details and asked that we take one of the cartons into the Manager in Albox this morning which we will do but it seems a classic case of "right hand left hand not being in sync etc" although there is a limited number of cans now in addition to the cartons

Interestingly when the cartons first appeared we asked an assistant why the change and he said because there was no water in them although that may have been "lost in translation"



 >:(I have three cats and have fed them on Mercadona cat food since we moved here two and a half years ago.  I've had no problems at all until they changed from tins to cartons.  None of my cats would touch the food.  It was all going in the bin a couple of hours after I put it down.  Luckily I got the message loud and clear and bought their food from a variety of other shops to try and find one they would eat.  I'm so glad I did or they may be all suffering major problems now.
I thought all pet food manufacturers had human tasters anyway.  My cats knew immediately that something was wrong with it. And some people call them "dumb animals" eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We took our dog to the vets 2 weeks ago because he was drinking excessively, shaking and off his food.  A urine test came back normal, but the blood test (results within 24 hrs) came back showing kidney problems.  He was immediately put on a short course of very strong antibiotics and a months supply of other tablets to help his kidneys work better.  He started to improve with the antibiotics but would not touch the Compy food at all (thank goodness) so I went and bought some other dog food for him, which he tucks right into.  I am so grateful we got him to the vets early.  My heart goes out to the people who have lost their beloved pets.


My dog's blood tests came back not too bad other than a calcium problem but I don't know if this is an excess or lack of, the vet said it could be kidney related, the pee test should tell, John.
P.S. She is showing improvement all the time now (Three days off Compy) not drinking too much and hardly weeing, a problem when you are trying to get a sample, she would do one or ten if I took her out no doubt.........


Thanks for the information, two of our 4 dogs had been drinking excessively since the Compy dog food changed to cartons from tins. I will be contacting Mercadona tomorrow and just hope there is no lasting damage to their health


Makes you wonder whether it is something to do with the new packaging too......


Quote from: freddie on February 23, 2012, 15:12:24 PM
Strangely we have three cats and a stray to feed and when they changed from the tins to the cartons of cat food, all the cats immediately stopped eating it, they just turned their nose up at it, makes we wonder if the same problem is with the cat food as well.

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yes it is---

loats of customers in our shop have reported same issues with the cats..

jill cockfield

Thanks to Nexo for this generous offer, we will be in tomorrow, I am petrified that this has done permanent damage.


Quote from: Beachcomber_Bar_Mojacar on February 23, 2012, 11:10:58 AM

Just got this from a post on my facebook wall.

"Just been to the vet and she has phoned Mercaddona and problem is too much salt in the food so they are withdrawing all this food"

Just been in Mercadonna in Albox and the shelves are full of the stuff!!


Quote from: Beachcomber_Bar_Mojacar on February 23, 2012, 11:02:55 AM
Since this came to light last night there have been many people replying to a Facebook post. A Mojacar vet confirms problems as does my vet in Garrucha and a friend of theirs, a vet in Turre. The dog food being implicated is Compy wet food in cartons and some like me have seen the problem since the food changed from being in a tin to a carton.
A vet in albox has had no reports of any problems.

Back from my vets, a Turre vet has confirmed they are dealing with 4 dogs, all have kidney problems and all were fed Compy. My own vet is also dealing with other dogs having the same problems.

Luckily my dog has not had any of that food for two whole days now and already we are seeing a difference ie not drinking quite as much and obviously not peeing as much. She also hasn't been sick for the last 24 hours. Awaiting blood test results and pee samples will be tested tomorrow.


John, Just been in the pet food shop around the corner from Juan the Vet in Albox and he confirms there has been cases reported to Juan the vet...


After reading this I sent this link to all the dog owners I know in my area of Lorca.

On discovering several of their dogs  are suffering problems described on this thread which their vets despite blood tests etc have failed to pinpoint the cause I phoned my vet to make them aware of this problem and was told " too much salt won´t kill" !!!!  
Yeh right.

Admit my 3 remaining dogs seem to be okay at the moment so am hopeful with a diet of rice and boiled chicken we will wash the salt out of their system.

the translator

This is a message from NEXO ALMANZORA ALBOX, any of our clients who are worried about this are to bring us a sample of urine and we will give you a free test to check the levels of protein.
Hope this helps.


Crumbs only just seen this and feed my own Dogs this, no more!
Thanks to original poster.


we also have had a problem with our german sheppard who has been eating this dog food.he has had 2 lots of injections of 2 weeks and blood tests.the vet said it is sighns of kidney failier cost so far 200 euro.


Our dog has always eaten that and last week took him to vets in Garrucha because he was drinking none stop, and peeing constantly. They gave him a scan, checked his urine samples and could find nothing wrong. He has had antibiotics all week, but this explains it all now. He is still incredibly thirsty but he stopped eating the wet food and has just been eating dry stuff.   

I hope his kidneys have not been permanently damaged.     We will take him in for a blood test tomorrow.

I will call the guy from mercadona tomorrow, too.


been to albox mercadona this evening and they still have cartons of meet on the shelf for sale and also have tins as well surley these should have been removed by now to stop people who are not aware buying them


Luckily we changed to the tins from Lidl.  I just hope Mercadona have removed the cartons from their shelves while it is being investigated.........


Oh my goodness.
Thanks so much for bringing this to everyone´s attention John and I will definitely be contacting Chris Johnson tomorrow because my wonderful healthy young German Shepherd became ill overnight and died last week  and she had been eating this food.

With 3 other dogs and 10,000 sq.m of land for them to roam about on we unfortunately didn´t notice anything amiss. But her untimely death now makes sense.

Obviously cannot prove a connection now but IF true then the sooner Mercadona are aware of the potential dangers the better.


I gave my dogs this food when it changed to cartons, One week after moving to the UK my one dog was put down with kidney failure, I am devastated that I could of killed my dog because of feeding him this food.  :'(


I took my GSD to the vets 2 weeks ago with the same problem. Hardly eating drinking loads even wetting her bed which is unlike her. She sometimes refused to eat for over 2 days. The vet checked her over finding nothing wrong with her.  So at least this post has answered the problem with my dog.


Our two have been the same this week, drinking loads and peeing lots, thanks for the warning.  Glad to say we only have two cartons left so will look for something else.

Funny our eldest dog has been reluctant to eat the food since it went into cartons.  Who said dogs are daft!! 



Strangely we have three cats and a stray to feed and when they changed from the tins to the cartons of cat food, all the cats immediately stopped eating it, they just turned their nose up at it, makes we wonder if the same problem is with the cat food as well.

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jill cockfield

Just rung but Spanish lady answered, apparently he will be there in the morning.


A Chris Johnson from Mercadona would like to speak to anyone who has any information about the Compy dog food problem. He can be contacted on 900500103.

jill cockfield

We have had a problem with both our dogs drinking excessively and weeing loads. Lots of people in the shop this morning reporting the same problems, we have put a sign up advising people of this issue. Praying all the dogs and cats make a full recovery. Colin and Jill


I've just phoned Mercadona in Albox.  They are aware of the problem and will refund any cartons bought. Good job as we just bought a months worth!!!