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Private For Sale Items / Re: cross cut
Last post by wrenchman - Today at 14:06:55 PM
 My apologies given out wrong tel no for crosscut saw here is the proper one 630566521
well i will give you my over view Roger after talking to people.

some Brits are quite happy as they are with little or no paperwork ,because they cannot afford the costs including the AFO  and cannot be doing with it all in there late 70,s and early 80,s

some are even pxssed off because they may now have to find infrastructure money and dont see why they should have to .....just because people want innovation they were happy as they were.

a lot of people are un effected by any of it, and think the new council team are doing a great job with the events/fiestas  ect and the improvement  work around the village

i think what may happen ,in 3 years time is we may get 2 or 3 non spanish candidates putting them selfs forward, just one non PP/PSOE independent could hold the balance of power in the council chamber and we do have some very fluent educated people here capable of been a Councillor as we have had in the past with your good self,Mike and Danny and Rodney who gave it a go as well ,plus in other areas in the past ,we have had example Maura , who is very switched on ,so all in all it could be very interesting .

anyway the biggest problem as I  see it with my limited knowledge, is  the embargoes and land ownership  and this is a not a political matter its a Spanish State Administration Matter and it is the biggest hurdle that folks face thats effected by it , in my view along with the od re mortgaged land bank de fault ...../...repro.
The British pensioners who were sold illegal houses have been waiting 20 years for this to end so that they can get on with what remains of their lives, free of stress.

Instead they are now pawns in the political game.
Clearly the current opposition politicians have no compassion.
All they want to do is drag this whole farce out for many more years.

In 2017 they were told that their land is now Urban, but were then told that they would have to wait for further urbanization projects.

SIX YEARS have passed and they are still waiting.

Fortunately there was a lifeline, the AFO, which allowed them to get escrituras for their homes.
Most have done so.

But what do we now have.
The opposition councillors are saying that if they get elected in 3 years they will start the whole urbanization process all over again.
That will mean years and years of uncertainty, a cloud over their homes making it difficult to sell, and unknown costs to follow.

Clearly they don't care that all this is causing so much stress to the innocent home owners.

In 3 years time it looks like an interesting political battle for the 500 plus British votes which will decide the result.

Could be a letter that needs your signature
yes,its there for border control to use if they wish ,however checking 200 easyjet passengers would take a full the dont normally ask  ( the uk media are revving this up over the past 6 months )

just give the visitors a letter in spanish with your nie number on ,your address they will be staying at , your contact number ,there passport number and arrival and departure dates  and make sure they have the  e111 type uk medical card plus some basic medical holiday insurance and a credit card

i have just done this for a friend staying ,but it was not asked for ( tenerife south airport ) .

but thay can ask if they wish

example some Brit pxss head on a plane gobbing off causing havoc might be asked   :blank:
Our daughter [UK passport] came to visit earlier this month - and nothing like that was required.
Hello All

Is it true that when we have family/friends arrive we have to get an official invitation letter issued by the police. Has anyone had experience of this.

We are at home in the UK and yesterday evening our neighbours in Los Higs sent us a copy of a Notificacion Sicer-PEE-Retorno Inf that had been pinned to our front gate. It appears to come from the Diputacion de Almeria. Does anyone have any idea what this type of notice relates to. There is no mail in our PO Box in Albox. Many thanks for any possible explanations.
So Roger what conclusion have you reached with all the input given to you on this thread  to help you understand it all a bit more  . ?

"The new PP administration has officially declared that they will not be charging the builders the urbanization costs of the innovation 14 houses, but will be requiring the residents to pay.

This is in direct contradiction to the election promise.
It seems that they are intent to lose the next election."

Arboleas General Chatter - Sponsored by / Re: Arboleas politics
Last post by palminspain - April 16, 2024, 22:36:18 PM
Quote from: Roger on April 15, 2024, 14:20:42 PMPeople don't care about who said what 20 years ago.

But remember a councilor from 37 years ago (before the ilegal houses problem) is important if he had a relation with Cristobal in that time. Curiosly, you has never remembered his relation with Angel GarcĂ­a and the ilegal houses in Los Torres, especially in the campaign election.

To Remember the past is important when you see how the victims vote and give the power to the same corrupt people who created their ilegal house's problems. Nobody want live again that history.