Spririual churches

Started by sweetcheeks, January 15, 2016, 16:10:27 PM

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Depends what you mean by a Spiritual Church.  If you're referring to Spiritualism, making contact with the spirits of those who have died, as distinct from mainstream Christian Churches which worship God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, then not to the best of my knowledge.

If on the other hand you're looking for a truly Christian Church in which the Holy Spirit is in evidence, then you have a number of options.  I am primarily connected with the Anglican Church, which has Worship Centres in Mojacar, Llanos del Peral and Aljambra, each having slightly different styles of worship, but all, in my view at least, extremely spiritual.

Other than that, there is Agua Viva and Santa Cruz in Albox, New Life Church in Huercal Overa and Antas Church in Antas - all having further details on this website and Turre Evangelical Church in Turre, all serving the British Population in this area and all strongly centred on the leadership and gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Could anyone tell me if there is a Spiritual Church Meeting,
in Albox Area, or near,