Leaving rubbish next to the bins - are YOU resonsible?

Started by Maura, August 17, 2017, 15:44:06 PM

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If you have been to the Sopranos area there is a massive amount of garden refuse. Some is from large lorry loads and some, presumably, from small loads, can't see why they can't take both but if you have to pay then that is why it is there.


Rod, I think there might be a difference between normal garden waste and the "trimmings" from a tree which fills a trailer load.


This was a trailer full so assume that is why it was refused.


The Punto Limpio in Albox DOES accept tree trimming and garden waste to a limit per visit of 2m3 per household.
This is a FREE service for householders.

The person you spoke to appears to be doing this for a living and may therefore have exceeded the quota permitted per household or may have been asked to pay.


Garden rubbish has been cleared from the bins in La Horticheula but not by Soprano's.
I was surprised to learn that Albox tip does not take garden trimmings. We had someone trim a tree recently and I enquired whether they would take the trimmings to Albox tip. No they said we have to go to Arboleas as Albox will not now take it.
Could this be one of the reasons why so much garden refuse is dumped around Albox?


Thankyou Maura would be nice to have the bin returned .



Hi bagwash,
The reason for the blog post it because it would appear that foreign residents are equally guilty of indiscriminate dumping. The issue is being debated in the Spanish community also.

Hi jb,
The positioning of the bins is controlled by the Consorcio de Basura. I will see what I can find out about your missing paper bin.


Some day you will all realise that Spain is only half-hearted about recycling.

But for those of you that do believe in saving the Planet - good luck.  It ain't gonna happen.


Hi .i would like to know why the cardboard and paper bin has been removed from locaiba ,if you want people to recycle there waste why is the bins not all together not very helpful for people to recycle with one bin here and another somewhere else and a lot of people don't have transport either?



First of all let me make it clear i  agree it is wrong, nor have I ever done it myself, the dumping of rubbish by the bins

I just wonder how many times this subject, and the corresponding posts, have been made on this forum over the years,  hundreads and hundreads I would guess,  and here we are again, another one - should not this be telling us something ?

The dumping of rubbish by the bins happens ALL over Spain, that is because it is part of the Spanish way of life, has been for years and years and years, and no doubt will continue for the same years and years and ....

No amount of complaing on a non Spanish forum by non Spanish people,(foreigners) to the locals, will erradicate this problem, no matter how hard people try to recreate Little Britain over here.

Yes it is wrong, to us, but so are many other aspects of the Spanish life - yet we all choose to live here and to abide by the Spanish way of life, not our former UK way.

Ah well until the next one and next one and ...


Las Labores was cleared last week and already yesterday there was a pile of palm cuttings , garden waste and a double mattress in exactly the same place that was cleared , ironically just in front of the sign on a post forbidding it . There is also approximately 100 empty glass bottles piled up in packs as they would have been bought only now empty next to the Glass bin . The garden waste we know comes from a landscaper who has been using the site for literally years , they add to the pile by making it continually longer until theres no room left then wait for it to be removed at a cost to rate payers and return with more within days .

The only real answer is to fine these people the maximum without any warnings first , we all know the situation and those who dont theres signs explaining so an mediate fine would be appropriate , after that publish the action taken and the offenders details with a warning that should someone be caught a second time it would not stop at a fine .

In the fifteen years we have been here we have not heard of a single occasion anyone has been fined or had any meaningful action taken against them , in other words there is no deterrent other then warnings of what could happen . Actions speak louder than words and the lack of it only serves tO entourage those responsible .

The council cant do anything without information and it seems this forum is constantly seeing posts on the topic and even people who supposedly know the details of the fly tippers , strange thats always ever as far as it goes .
If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours .


Have received various complaints about the bins near Sopranos an have had it cleared in response to those complaints. I will pass this information on again. It would be very helpful to obtain a photograph of the litter louts in action, which can be sent to me at Maura.Hillen@yahoo.com. Please try to include the license number of the car/van with the perpetrator in the action of dumping if you can.


Just round the corner from the Soprano's bins are the La Horticheula ones. These are now taking more abuse. There is a large pile of garden refuse which is now spreading across the road making in one lane.
Also one of the main bins has gone missing ( 2 left), this has either been stolen or moved to a different location meaning that there is now not enough room for the normal refuse and therefore many people are leaving their bags by the bins where the cats and dogs can get at them. Very real health hazard in my opinion.


Hi Byrney,
If you read the post you will see that this topic is addressed as follows.

What can I leave next to the bin?
You can leave furniture and large household items next to the bins for collection on the 14th and the 29th of every month. NOTHING ELSE.

Please note that these dates apply to Albox and may differ in other areas.


Clearly you are an intelligent person 🙊  Why oh why would you post this??????????


Isn't it correct that there are some Local Authorities which "authorise" the disposal of large domestic items next to their bins on two occasions each month?


It is very difficult to catch the culprits who dump rubbish near the bins at Sopranos, none of the houses face the road. I don't know what the answer is but something needs to be done before either fire or the rats take over, I just wish the filthy idiots who are doing it had all the rubbish near their homes.


Maybe a few extra containers for cardboard and paper around the town wouldn't go amiss.The supermarkets, clothes shops, bars etc get through a lot of cardboard and once the container is full it just gets dumped by the side of the bin.Either that, or they need to be told to break down the cardboard boxes and bundle them up ready for collection.It looks a mess and the bin men must be fed up of collecting up all the rubbish.Not sure how often the recycling bins are emptied but they soon fill up.


If you can take a photograph of the people dumping garden waste in particular, ie in the act of dumping with the license plate of their car, and send it to me at Maura.Hillen@yahoo.com I will deal with it.


The area around the bins near Sopranos is worse than ever, heaven forbid if a fire starts there all the dumped garden waste will burn very easily & put the houses across the road at risk, it is very worrying for us living here.


We would love plastic and glass recycling facilities in the Rambla de Oria.


You can say what you like, put notices up, go argue with them but they still insist on leaving their rubbish next to bin...a lot of Spanish but also English and Belgiums that we know of...we have had english people drive 5 kiloms from their own home just to dump garden rubbish next to bin..English man driving further away from Cantoria dump to leave garden waste at 11pm !!! a Belgium man and his wife stand and read the sign on the bin that says it is illegal to leave wast by the bin...so they left the rotten wood on the ground that one of the neighbourhood folks walked into cutting their shin.....the worst sort is when the house waste with personal hygiene materials are just thrown from their cars scattering the contents all over and on windy days this rubbish blows into nearby house gardens...
So who clears it all up...well guess but it aint the the people who dump it...
This happens in between Almanzora and Cantoria..so if any of you folk do this and see this post please stop doing it...have a bit of respect...keep doing it and you seen it will be returned to your garden..and not in bags..   


And boxes seems people just don't not think of others or anything.


One of my pet hates is that folk do not crush their water bottles and they fill up the bins very quickly if you do not.


Yes I totally agree, I am for ever having to put stuff left by the bin in the bin , if I can get the stuff in the bin why can't they, are they so lazy or incapable of lifting the Lid I do not know which, but last week it was a loan of that fake grass, just dumped by the bin, I wouldn't mind but the bloke that dumped it was a great big Belgium, so could have lifted the lid.



One of the biggest complaints from residents relates to the inconsiderate dumping of rubbish next to the bins. Here is some more information about how to deal with items that cannot be placed in the bins in a more civic minded way.