Renunciation of my roles as Councillor for International Relations and Tourism

Started by Maura, October 06, 2017, 08:11:00 AM

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I think we are all seeing that Spain is shying away from a democracy and going back to the bad old days.  Oh dear.


So now we have more proof that the mayors are all powerful and they can overrule their elected councillors, this to me backs up Rogers side of the story. Although I don't live in ALBOX I am sure Maura will be sadly missed.


Thank you Maura and your seven fellow councillors who have stood up against our blinkered mayor.


This now answers my question on the "Fruti and Veg" post in this section. Sorry that Maura has had to go this far and hopefully the Mayor will see sense.
We will not be using the fruit and veg at Albox market anymore as it does not fit with our shopping needs to be at the other end of the market.


It's a sad time at the moment our loss of Roger in Arboleas council now the loss of yourself to Albox.  Why are the Mayor's so set on ruling alone in Spain?  Hopefully sense will prevail and normal services will resume soon!