The council not cleaning up after them have they no pride.

Started by steve f, February 20, 2018, 12:45:19 PM

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Hi Steve F,
Las Raquenas comes under Arboleas. This is the thread for corresponding with ALBOX council.

steve f

People AS WELL AS THE TOWN COUNCIL on this forum complain about fly tipping and filling the bins with garden waste.So why is it that the council do not clean up after they have authorised tree and shrub cutting on council land bordering on private dwellings.
Over a year ago the council (Danny ) very kindly sent an unsupervised young man to cut down out of control weeds and thistles from outside two properties on the main road at Los Requenas,the young man spent hours swinging a sythe with one arm while talking on his mobile with the other.
The result was a poor job but worst of all the remaining cuttings which are considerable are still there ,an eyesore and fire risk.After numerous requests to the council nothing has been done.
Over the last week the council have sent a workforce to cut and tidy bushes and shrubs on the opposite side of the road,and a nice job they have done, however they loaded all the cuttings into a lorry which I would have thought they would have removed to the new council tip,but instead they drove the lorry less than fifty meters and DUMPED them on spare land ( which the council own and have cleared before) and again is an eyesore which we residents should not have to put up with.The Mayer in particular and Councilors regularly pass through Los Requenas but seem to ignore  the situation and when calling at the council I get fobbed off.I can point out many other situations where the council don't seem to show pride in our town and surrounding areas as I am sure many  others can too, things that would cost very little but make a world of difference.
Come on Councilors open your eyes and show some pride.