River of Life church now Community Without walls

Started by Rod, April 09, 2020, 11:24:10 AM

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Due to problems with travelling we are holding a joint Spanish/English service on Sunday at 11am for those in Albox. There will be translations for both.
This is a very lively church with Debbie Davis leading the worship this week. Many may know her from the gigs she does in the local area, beautiful singer.
Come along, social distancing and masks are worn where necessary.


This church is open every Sunday with social distancing at 11am. More news regarding this church in the near future. Also a Spanish service every Friday night at 8pm. Pastors Andres and Josephine are doing a great job in leading this church into a new era, all welcome. Further news of a Wednesday fellowship soon.


Yes Cartron, all going well. We have a couple of folk from South Africa, some from the Uk and other parts of Spain joining and sharing in the group. If any one wants to join please go to the website for more information.


Well done Rod , every group should celebrate Easter in their own way  as they have always done. A time for prayer and reflection.
Hope the Whatsapp goes well for you. ⛪⛪


Previous River of Life church is now Community without walls church. Check out the facebook page for more information.. https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=community%20without%20walls
Meeting on Sundays at 11am for a joint English/Spanish service at Calle Arabel 20, Albox, just down from the medical centre on the right just before Tien 21 and the new Gym.
This is a joint meeting with translations as we go along by Pastors Andres and Josephine Canovas.
Many other activities during the week.