Traditional "Fritada De Sufli" sauce factory tour

Started by markandkaren, August 11, 2020, 13:43:22 PM

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To inaugurate the opening of their new shop, Fritada de Sufli S.L. are arranging factory tours for visitors of their new retail shop. You will get first hand experience in the making of the famous hand made "Fritada de Sufli" Sauce ( At one time sold in Harrods London). Tours will be done in the morning to coincide with the process from the start of the raw ingredients being prepared up to the canning and labelling, which is also done in the factory. It can be found on the left hand side just before the entrance to Sufli.

I was lucky enough to get invited for an impromtu tour when I was in the shop last week and I thought it would interest someone with visitors who would like to show them something different.  Their website is  although in Spanish, it's easy enough to get the idea or there's always google translate.  :laugh:

I have no connection with the business except that I live in the village and family and friends have always enjoyed the box of sauces and marmalades that I give them as a leaving gift.

For a village with one bar, no shops, no banks, Sufli boasts two of these famous sauce factories. The other one is called "Conservas de Sufli ( and can be found on the right and side as you enter the village, just before the bar "Los Alamos". I haven't been in the factory but the owners are very welcoming and I'm sure they wouldn't mind visitors. 

Like I mentioned, I have no connection with either factories but if I can be of any help, my mobile is 636070042, also on whatsapp, or PM.