Midweek company club

Started by magglet, December 03, 2021, 09:49:16 AM

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There have been no posts on this group for 2 years, is it still going please.


Yes Gary,group is still active and you are more than welcome to attend


Is this group still active, and would I be okay to attend even though I live half an hour away from Arborleas?


For those not aware we are holding a friendship group called Midweek Company Club for those who fancy a bit of company and a chat.It's not easy living alone after a life changing experience/break up/loneliness etc and it's nice to be able to build up some support from people in a likewise situation.So don't ever feel you are alone.We meet every WEDNESDAY at 12 at The Heathers Bar in Alfoquia.Call in and have a coffee with us...both men and women are welcome.