Translation services for the city of Almería

Started by Clifftranslation, April 20, 2023, 14:32:02 PM

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Doorb69 better to try a PM for red flagged message


hi cliff we need a translater on the 27th in almeria are you available


I've used Cliff and he definitely goes the extra mile with the help he offers. Thoroughly recommend his services


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Good day!

My name's Cliff and I'm originally from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States.  I've lived in Almería capital since 2009 and have settled down here in the city.

I'm here to offer my services as a translator.  I'm fully fluent in Castellano Spanish and have integrated quite well into life here in Andalusia.  Most of my experience translating involves doctor's appointments at both Torrecardenas and la Bola Azul hospitals.  In addition I have translated for appointments for insurance claims, marriages, court cases and so on.I'd love to help you out with any appointments you might have at Extranjería, La Ciudad de Justicia, la Comisaría or any other official/unofficial matter you need help with.

Please PM me for my rates and references.

Looking forward to helping you out!