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Started by kev, January 06, 2024, 10:09:02 AM

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Could be lack of water. This year has be exceptionally  dry,or it could be lack of some mineral.I have lemon trees that are 20 years old and some yellowing is normal.If your not sure, ask in the garden centre.
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The yellowing of the leaves on your lemon tree is a common occurrence this time of year for many citrus trees. It is a sign that the tree is lacking in nutrients, especially nitrogen. Citrus are known as 'heavy feeders' and need regular applications of citrus fertiliser.
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hi all
looking for advice. i have a lemon tree which is about 15 yrs old this year i didnt cut it back and now have loads of lemons ,but some of the leaves on the tree are yellow. is this showing its lacking in a mineral